Sunday, August 23, 2009

Typhoon Morakot-Extend your love, show you care.

 As many of you may have already heard, recently Taiwan was hit by a typhoon called Morakot. The event is named as the deadliest typhoon to EVER affect Taiwan. A large number of people are either dead or missing, and the estimated damage caused is around NT$110 billion ($3.3 billion USD). Many children/families are left homeless, foodless, and are unable to further extend their education. A quick look at the image below may give you an idea on how devastating this typhoon really is.

Here you can clearly see Typhoon Morakot covering more than all of Taiwan.

Many residents are still trapped on the mountains in Taiwan, waiting to be discovered, and starving to death.  Not only has this typhoon caused massive floods of water, the great amount of mountains have also been affected greatly by disastrous mud/landslides. Villages on the mountains have been either completely depleted or buried. The families and communities torn apart by this merciless typhoon are still franticly searching for the bodies of their lost ones whether dead or alive, and mourning in complete misery. The Taiwanese people have been doing all they can in providing food, water, and money to the areas affected most by the disaster. This however, is clearly not enough.  The efforts they've been able to contribute to the overall need in financial support is pretty much futile. This is where we come in. We can help them reconstruct their society by giving what we can. It doesn't matter how much you donate, whether it be 5 dollars or 5000 dollars, it's the willingness to help a society in need that counts.

Why help?

 If you're one of those selfish people who always don't care about anyone in need because it doesn't affect you directly, consider this. Everyday, our planet is being damaged by all the pollution and substances we put into the environment around us. Natural disasters like typhoons, hurricanes, are only going to increase. Not only will more and more disasters are going to take place, they WILL get worse. If you're unwilling to help out someone that needs help right now, they may not be there to help YOU when you need it. So please, find it in your hearts to contribute to a society in need.

How can I help?

 First of all, it doesn't matter what religion you believe in, pray that the Taiwanese people will get the support they need and people like you and me will find it in our hearts to provide the help we're able to provide.

 You can also contribute financially (which is really what they need most right now). I have setup a Paypal account just for donating for places affected greatly by natural causes (yes, I plan to continue to donate to places in great need and continue to include them on my blog), and you can help the Taiwanese who are currently suffering from the Typhoon Morakot of August 8th 2009. 100% of the money sent to this account will be donated to either World Vision or Red Cross or any other major organization supporting this cause. All payment proofs will be provided upon request to ensure authenticity.

Please send your payments to (via Paypal, if you are willing to go through the trouble, you can make payments directly to the corresponding organizations in Taiwan). All payment proofs can also be requested at the same email address. Please note: All Paypal fees do apply (Paypal deducts a small percentage during a transaction, so the final amount may be slightly lower than the intended total)
For more information on the Morakot Typhoon, you can visit the following Wikipedia article:

If anyone was wondering, I've already donated NT $100,000 before Paypal deductions (around $3,333 or so CAD) to World Vision for this cause. 
Extend your love, show you care!

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